Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to our school website! I am very proud to be able to share with you the wonderful opportunities and developments at Vrindavan Playschool! Recently, the school has undergone a complete internal transformation to turn our school from a Kindergarten classroom setting’ to a community development design. We have introduced "Shishu Vihar" program and "Afterschool Program" for the community and this has helped to create a new, exciting and innovative spaces to maximise learning potential.

Here at Vrindavan Playschool, we offer our students a comprehensive learning environment, filled with a variety of activities, support, and services. Ever since we got our start in 2015, Vrindavan Playschool has been successful in instilling the love for learning in the Kindergarten children from the Kurmannapalem area and beyond. Our Early Childhood Care and Education trained teachers will go the extra mile to give our kindergarten children the encouragement needed to make their Early learning joyful. 

Mrs G Jaya Lakshmi 

MA in English, Delhi University

ECCE Certified, Global Training Academy

Trainer, Junior Chamber International (India)

Our Staff

Mrs Durga Sri Valli

MSc Child Psychology 

Child Psychologist 

Mrs Kajal Sahu 

M Ed 

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Mrs Jahida Mirza

MA in English