Each child requires a safe and nurturing environment to develop optimally. Children with special needs and their families need assistance and information regarding prognosis and early intervention in order to support optimal development of children.

Apart from the regular curriculum of the school, Vrindavan extends support and guidance to the parents regarding the child's development.  

Building activities keeping in mind children’s interests

• Creating activities that will encourage exploration through the senses

• Giving children the opportunity to investigate and manipulate by providing hands-on experience with real objects

• Helping children develop new knowledge and skills, based on what they already know and can do

• Providing activities that deals with all aspects of development such as language, cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical

• Providing children with multiple opportunities to experience movement and physical activity, social interactions, independence and positive self esteem

• Respecting individual differences in relation to cultural backgrounds and home experiences children bring with them to the classroom

• Planning for different ways and opportunities to involve family members of children

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